Nero Bloom – Excerpt

Winner of Best Student Feature at a prestigious Hollywood festival in 2009, “Nero Bloom: Private Eye” was a smashing success among critics and fans alike. Created on a shoestring budget by two undergrad students, this 45-minute feature film sets the bar for true independent cinema. With a cast and crew of over 100 volunteers, 23 filming locations, and over 6 months of principle photography, “Nero Bloom” is a rousing example of cinematic storytelling. In this excerpt from the film, we follow the hero character as he shadows his mark on the eve of an unfortunate circumstance.

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Critical response:

  • “There isn’t an element of the film that hits a false note. It is perfectly pitched.” – Catherine Lee (Whatzup Magazine)
  • “Nothing short of astonishing!”
    - Steve Penhollow (The Journal Gazette)
  • “I have made films for 30 years, and I screened ‘Nero Bloom’ myself. I thought it was brilliantly shot. I loved the black and white, and I thought the art direction was exquisite.”
    - Suzanne DeLaurentiis (award-winning film producer)

Director: Jason Eberly
Screenwriter: Nathan Hartman
Starring: Phil Black, Bethany Edlund, Mark S. Esch,
Glen Pearson, and Dana Christy
Producers: Jason Eberly & Nathan Hartman
Cinematographer & Editor: Jordan Steele
Composer: Rich Douglas
Sound Design & Mixing: Jordan Wolf
Executive Producer: Lance Clark

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